DARAB Fashion Week

Isteghlal International Hotel, Tehran, Iran

19-21 July 2015

DARAB Entertainment

Fashion industry and fashion shows have recently been prevalent in Iran and we are trying to hold our events in accordance with world class international standards. In spite of rapid changes in the intellectual foundations, life styles and customs, fashion has been developed in Iran recently. Perhaps no institute is able to meet these fast changes and demands, although Darab institute attempts to hold “Darab Fashion week” in July 2015 in order to fulfill these requirements. Having innovative look into fashion industry, Darab is a designer of special events and conferences in the fashion field. It expands the innovative designs and fashions and follows international professional designers in the way of creating novel and diverse ideas in the fashion industry. Our activities in Darab include fashion shows and world class events with international standards. Our next season is held in October 2015 and there will be D.F.W. (Darab Fashion Week), D.A.W. (Darab Art Week) and D.V.W. (Darab Voice Week).

Darab Fashion Week

fashion from the beginning of the human life has spread throughout history and nowadays it has been developed in Iran over the past years. Since the intellectual foundations, life style and custom have been changed fast, perhaps no institutes are able to meet them. Therefore Darab institute attempts to hold Darab Fashion Week in July 2015 in order to fulfill these goals




Every year, we try our best to find the most inspirational speakers from all over the world. We are thrilled to show you people, who are the driving forces behind the most successful design projects and remarkable business stories.

Jeremy Crackevich

Featured guest

Crackevich's influence on contemporary graphic design is unparalleled. This outstanding expert and self-named typomaniac is responsible for numerous custom and redesigned typefaces and font identities for world-renowned corporations. Moreover, he has created dozens of commercial typefaces which are considered to be modern classics of typography.
In 1979, he founded CrackevichDesign - German mega-firm providing global design consultancy. The success of this company can be measured by a long list of the most relevant prizes including multiple red dot awards and European Design Awards.

More about Jeremy Crackevich can be found here.

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The five star Persian Esteghlal International Hotel is located in the down foot of the Alborz mountain range with 90,000 m2 area, having two towers each with 15 floors, a total of 552 luxurious rooms and suites, not only is the biggest and the most glorious hotel in the capital city, but also from various aspects is exclusive in the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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